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Top trends in Living Room Decor

It was challenging to compile a list of living room decor trends for 2020 because it seems like almost anything goes right now and the off-trend has become what's trendy!

Regardless, we accepted this challenge and found some stunning and totally customization looks that could transform you living room!

We hope these trends inspire you as much as they inspired us!

1- Dark Wood Everywhere:

In previous years, light wood was the star but in 2020 dark wood is taking center stage. It will give your space added elegance and a touch of luxury.

This dark wood looks stunning in living room furniture, flooring, accessories and even ceilings. 

We are loving the use of natural materials right now.

Wicker, jute and rattan provide greater amounts of texture to an interior and help make the space feel cozy and welcoming.

2- Biophilic Design:

Along the same lines as the use of natural elements we mentioned above, "biophilia" is popping up everywhere. This is a new trend that combines human design with natural elements in a way that doesn't seem manufactured. Many people want to have a home that is stylish but that still incorporates elements from the environment. Recycled wood can be used for chairs, tables and floors while plants can contribute to your home's overall aesthetic while  promoting a clean, environmentally friendly home. 2020 is all about giving back to the environment.  

3- Mixed Metals: 

Metals are going to be all over the place in 2020. Think gold, silver, tin and copper. Be careful not to mix more than three metals together in your living room or your space may look too busy. Light fixtures, planters and picture frames are a great place to start. Tip: metallic spray paint could transform items you already have into stunning metallic pieces. 

4- Built-In Seating:

Whether it's a window-side perch or a cozy reading nook, seating that's built-in adds character to a space and is a fantastic space-saver. Make the most of your living room window or back corner by building a simple yet functional perch that invites you to dive into a good book. 

5- Fiber art:

Fiber artists have been creating pieces for years but 2020 is the year that you're going to see these textured pieces everywhere. 

Woven tapestries, knotted macrame wall-hangings, macrame plant holders and hand-stitched embroidery are some examples of fiber art that you could incorporate into your living room. 

6- Grandmillenial Style:

The essence of the grandmillenial style involves a young (or youngish) person utilizing granny's needlepoint, china and tasseled lampshades in their space alongside their more modern decor items and furniture. Another term used to describe this trend is "Granny Chic".

7- Earth Tones:

There are few design looks that are more welcoming and cozy than the use of earth-tones. They are suited for both modern and rustic styles. They are totally versatile which make them easy to mix, match and accessorize. Because these colours are found in nature and are subdued by the brown, they are the total opposite of synthetic and brash colours. As a result, they are calming and grounding.

8- Antique Art:

2020 is the perfect time to start your art collection. A gallery wall in your living room or simply a few strategically placed pieces could add culture and character to your room. Antique art is a great conversation starter. People love that each piece has a story to it. 

The hunt for the perfect pieces can be equally as enjoyable. Finding treasures at flea markets or thrift shops is so satisfying and giving a new life to an old unwanted item is very eco-friendly. 



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