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  • 08/09/2020
    The Famous Lampe Berger


    Lampe Berger is the oldest and most effective way to remove bacteria and odours from the air you breathe. The original Lampe Berger lamp was designed in France in 1898 by pharmaceutical dispenser, Maurice Berger, for use in hospitals as a way of removing air-borne bacteria and combating sepsis.

    Redesigned by famous designers, embraced by leading figures from the art community (Coco Chanel, Picasso, Colette and Jean Cocteau), it was then fitted with a perfuming function and gradually became a style icon, appreciated for its sleek design and its delicate fragrances.

    The Lampe Berger is a functional and attractive accessory which has spanned the years, purifying indoor air and adding an elegant or contemporary touch to every home.

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  • 26/08/2020
    Top trends in Living Room Decor

    It was challenging to compile a list of living room decor trends for 2020 because it seems like almost anything goes right now and the off-trend has become what's trendy!

    Regardless, we accepted this challenge and found some stunning and totally customization looks that could transform you living room!

    We hope these trends inspire you as much as they inspired us!

    1- Dark Wood Everywhere:

    In previous years, light wood was the star but in 2020 dark wood is taking center stage. It will give your space added elegance and a touch of luxury.
    This dark wood looks stunning in living room furniture, flooring, accessories and even ceilings. 

    We are loving the use of natural materials right now.
    Wicker, jute and rattan provide greater amounts of texture to an interior and help make the space feel cozy and welcoming.

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  • Update your bedroom in 2020
    How To Update Your Bedroom In 2020

    Are you looking for some inspiration on how to update your bedroom this year? 

    We have done our research and found some bedroom decor trends that are popping up everywhere.

    A Mix of Textures:

    The texture in interior décor is generally added by the use of fabrics, though wood, natural elements and even painted surfaces can also contribute. Keep your bedroom full of life with an interesting array of textures. Use mixed-fabric comforters, carpet or area rugs, wooly throw pillows or blankets, plants or other natural elements, textured lampshades or carved picture frames.

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  • Trends in home decor this winter
    Trends in Home Decor this Winter

    Are you looking to revamp your decor this winter? 

    We have done some research and came across some design trends that may inspire you.

    Gorgeous Peacock Blue:
    Peacock blue is a colour that really stands out. One of the most common ways to bring it into your home is by finding multiple accessories such as light fixtures, area rugs, and throw blankets to decorate throughout your space. A peacock blue accent wall in a mostly neutral room would also be gorgeous. When paired with grey, white, or wood tones, this blue really pops.

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  • More sustainable Christmas
    How to Have a More Sustainable Christmas

    Christmas is traditionally the period of peak consumption, when we go all out on gifts and food to impress our families and guests. You can, however, have a more sustainable Christmas season without having to sacrifice any magic or festivity. 

    1- Shop local - Many gifts in today’s marketplace come from halfway around the world, and the impact of transportation contributes significantly to greenhouse emissions and global warming. Local businesses often have a much smaller carbon footprint than larger companies. Local businesses are also owned by people who invest in their communities and genuinely care about the community's future and welfare.

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  • Home decor trends
    Home Decor Trends (Fall 2019)

    Gold accent pieces: Gold is back with a bang in both the fashion world and the home décor world. Shiny gold side tables, picture frames, planters, and candle holders will look beautiful in your space this season. Don’t be afraid to search for pieces at your local thrift shop or to pick up a can of gold spray paint and do some DIY projects.

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  • 16 gifts ideas for mom - Christmas 2019
    16 Gift Ideas for Mom - Christmas 2019

    Christmas will be here before you know it. Here are a few ideas of creative gifts for the moms in our lives.

    1) Home cleaning services: Moms are busy - whether it's work, cooking, cleaning, taking care of the grandkids (or the kids). Why not treat the woman who gives and gives with a professional deep house cleaning? It would be one less thing on her plate!

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  • Perfect pillow
    Finding Your Perfect Pillow

    Using the wrong pillow can cause headaches, back pain, and sore necks. Here is a list of tips and tricks to get the perfect restful night’s sleep. Before you start browsing for that perfect pillow, you first need to ask yourself which position you generally sleep in. Since we tend to move a lot in our sleep, the easiest way to determine this is to actively pay attention to what position you’re in when you first wake up.

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  • Custom Draperies & Blinds
    Business Spotlight : Custom Draperies & Blinds

    About Custom Draperies & Blinds, Furniture, Bedding & Home Decor

    Custom Draperies provides customers with full-service, custom window treatments. We also carry furniture, bedding, and other home decor products. Our showroom is located at 76 Pembroke St. West in downtown Pembroke. We service the entire Ottawa Valley and many visitors to our community bring in their own measurements for window fashions. We manufacture and ship directly to them.

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  • Custom Draperies and Blinds
    Get Quality Window Coverings from Custom Draperies and Blinds

    Window coverings offer additional protection from any weather conditions and ensure extra privacy. There are different types of window coverings available to you. These could be drapes, sheers, shutters, or window blinds such as rollers, cellular, faux wood venetians, dual rollers, etc.

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  • Trending Home Decor and Window Treatments
    A Concise Guide to the Art of Trending Home Decor and Window Treatments

    As a home owner, it is obvious that you have an aspiration that your family and guests appreciate your house. Owning a property is a matter of accomplishment and hence, this aspiration is obviously justified. But, accomplishing this objective is not a cakewalk. You need to ensure that your space appears soothing, aesthetic and enticing to yourself before your guests appreciate and feel the same.

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