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How To Update Your Bedroom In 2020

Update your bedroom in 2020

Are you looking for some inspiration on how to update your bedroom this year? 

We have done our research and found some bedroom decor trends that are popping up everywhere.

A Mix of Textures:

The texture in interior décor is generally added by the use of fabrics, though wood, natural elements and even painted surfaces can also contribute. Keep your bedroom full of life with an interesting array of textures. Use mixed-fabric comforters, carpet or area rugs, wooly throw pillows or blankets, plants or other natural elements, textured lampshades or carved picture frames.


If you want to create a cozy bedroom but you don't have much space, use shiplap on the walls. It can help even small spaces look fresh and inviting, especially if you keep everything in the room light and monochromatic.

Seafoam Green: 

Seafoam green is a visually appealing colour that not only has soothing and calming effects, but also adds brightness to any room. When choosing colours to complement seafoam green, consider your existing decor, and select colours that won't detract from the beauty of the seafoam green. Neutrals and soft yellows have a calming and balancing effect, while metallics and shades of pink create small bursts of drama and glam throughout your room, all while leaving seafoam green as the focal point.

Landscape Art:

Whether or not you have a gorgeous view from your bedroom window, displaying landscape art can provide us with a sense of wonder. This art work can make you feel cozy or at peace in your favourite place.

Shipping Pallets/ Barnboard:

The use of barn board has become the hottest thing in interior design. Weathered and abandoned, it gives you a gorgeous rustic farmhouse feel while blending in with any of your more modern decor choices. You can d.i.y shelving, a headboard, a door or an accent wall using reclaimed barn board to achieve this look.

You can often find piles of wooden pallets outside of businesses with a "FREE" sign accompanying them. You can make some really gorgeous pieces to add to your home with these pallets, no matter how unskilled you are. I have seen wall art, headboards, indoor gardens and clocks on Pinterest that are stunning (and afforable!).

Luggage Décor:

Incorporating old luggage in your decor not only gives it a rustic and vintage look (which is very IN right now), but it also provides some extra storage. They make wonderfully unique nightstands, vanity storage and even shelving. Pinterest has some great ideas on how to give these pieces a new life.


Traditionally, quilts symbolize love. You may be lucky enough to have inherited a hand-made quilt that was passed on to you from a previous generation or you may have someone in your life that shows their love by gifting their stitched creations. Not only are quilts representative of love and coziness, the use of these small pieces of fabric can be really eco-friendly. I've seen mothers make quilts out of their babies' old clothes, for example.

If you do not have a talented quilter in your life, you can often purchase them through charitable auctions that can help raise funds. Many businesses now carry quilts as well, and even if they are not handmade, their delicate patterns and textures create a gorgeous vintage look in your space.

Jewel Tones:

When applied to everything from paint to upholstery, jewel tones can transform any room into a sumptuous refuge or a light-filled bijou box depending on the shade.

Sapphire blue, Amethyst purple, Emerald green and Ruby red are all wonderful choices for a bold and glamorous bedroom.

Upholstered Headboards:

An upholstered headboard adds class to any bedroom. Once seen only in posh hotels, padded headboards have been making headway in today's residential bedrooms. With or without a footboard, a padded headboard makes a statement by adding colour and texture to the bed, often the focal point in the room. It can be simple, elegant or customized to fit any budget.

Accent Chair:

While we often sit or lounge in bed, dedicated seating serves as a way to distinguish between relaxing and sleeping. It can also be practical for perching while putting on shoes or simply having a cozy corner to read a book. Adding this extra seating is key to taking the room from simply functional to a luxurious retreat!


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