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Home Decor Trends (Fall 2019)

Home decor trends

Gold accent pieces: Gold is back with a bang in both the fashion world and the home décor world. Shiny gold side tables, picture frames, planters, and candle holders will look beautiful in your space this season. Don’t be afraid to search for pieces at your local thrift shop or to pick up a can of gold spray paint and do some DIY projects.

Velvet cushions: There’s no better way to give your sofa a makeover, just by adding some decorative cushions you can make a huge statement. Soft velvet is a perfect way to make your living room feel cozier this fall and we particularly love all the rust-tones (those colours that blend brown, orange and red).

Throw blankets: Okay, when have these not been a great fall touch? The concept of hygge (say hoo-gah) is a Danish expression that emphasizes finding joy in everyday moments. Hygge is about celebrating coziness, warmth and family as well as practicing mindful moments. What better way to bring that concept into your home this fall than to snuggle up in a luxuriously soft (think faux-fur) throw blanket with a hot cup of tea?

Pops of colour: It’s no secret that the use of “nude” design or the use of neutral colours has been on the rise the past couple of years. Lilac and vibrant purple is popping up everywhere, from the runway to home décor shops and it blends well with grey, black, green, and white. Whichever statement colour you use in your space, remember that it needs to be repeated several times throughout the space.


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