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Trends in Home Decor this Winter

Trends in home decor this winter

Are you looking to revamp your decor this winter? 

We have done some research and came across some design trends that may inspire you.

Gorgeous Peacock Blue:

Peacock blue is a colour that really stands out. One of the most common ways to bring it into your home is by finding multiple accessories such as light fixtures, area rugs, and throw blankets to decorate throughout your space. A peacock blue accent wall in a mostly neutral room would also be gorgeous. When paired with grey, white, or wood tones, this blue really pops.

Retro is Trending:

It seems that the "Mad Men" inspired mid-century modern look and even shag carpets are making a comeback. By adding these quirky details, you could revamp your home decor and even pay tribute to the original architecture of your home (if it is an older build).

You can achieve this look by incorporating gold and brass fixtures, pops of orange, houseplants, colourful kitchen cabinets, wallpaper and/ or some geometrical shapes in your decor.

Acrylic and Lucite Furniture: 

When working with any interior, you need to consider visual weight. Visual weight refers to how heavy an object looks.

Acrylic furniture is a great equalizer when it comes to achieving a balanced visual weight and these pieces allow for other elements in your room to shine.

This is ideal in any space to avoid the look of clutter.

Modern Boho:

Modern-boho is an updated version of the bohemian design style that feels a bit more fresh and relevant in today's world. It takes all the most popular elements of boho (rattan, macrame, brightly coloured pillows and textiles), but it adds a new spin on things by pairing these elements with some modern touches. This can mean: using low-lying furniture, starting with a simple and neutral base, and adding metallics and mirrors to your space.

The modern bohemian look is also a bit more refined. The use of colours is much more deliberate. Your neutral base can be paired with pops of colour and vibrant hues that stand out.


Japandi is the hybrid aesthetic that combines traditional Japanese elegance with the modern-rustic vibe of Scandanavian or Nordic decor. It is becoming a favourite among minimalists in a big way. While Japanese rooms can have an overly sleek look, Scandinavian interiors can sometimes appear so neutral it can seem slightly antiseptic. Combining these two contrasting aesthetics can create a lot more warmth and coziness in your space.

Most Japandi rooms start with a darker base, usually a saturated, neutral shade. The contrast is then created through incorporating a mix of light woods and stark, black hues. Even the accents are usually monochromatic. However, a few vibrant colors can be added through natural sources such as house plants.

Accessories and furniture pieces in both of these styles have one thing in common: they are immediately identifiable. Using a balanced mix of both styles will help you achieve this look.

The phrase "inviting simplicity" sums this look up perfectly.

Bold Print Wallpaper:

Look at any home décor account on Instagram and Pinterest and you’re sure to spot beautiful interiors featuring wallpaper with geometric prints, tropical-forest images, bold stripes and the like. Wallpaper has undoubtedly made a comeback and, according to Pinterest’s 2019 trends report, this year searches for ‘bold wallpaper’ are up by 401%.

Adding wallpaper to any room instantly adds visual interest and makes a seriously chic statement.

Classic Corduroy:

Thanks for corduroy's inherent plushiness, it naturally softens the sharp edges of contemporary pieces.

Corduroy is soft and durable and mostly known for its practicality.

White, Black and Wood:

Designers are moving into more natural elements such as wood, metal, concrete and plants.

While a black and white contrast is elegant and timeless, wood softens it and creates a more inviting and homey look. This is a trend that won't be going anywhere any time soon.

Recycle, Reuse, D.I.Y: 

There are many things that we can reuse to give them a new life. Not only will you create a unique piece but it will also save you some money. Wood pallets can be transformed into coffee tables, beds or shelving. A vintage television can become a bookshelf or a pet bed. Old suitcases can become wall shelves. Do your own Pinterest research and prepare to be inspired!

All about the Plants:

Wellness can be fostered through the ‘living’ decor plants provide – they absorb harmful chemicals and regulate humidity – and they’re an inexpensive way to add instant colour and glamour to home interiors.

Decorating with plants is definitely big right now, whether they are placed in terracotta pots or in boho macrame holders inspired by the 1970s.

Air plants (or tillandsia) are also popping up everywhere right now. The reason we call them "air plants" is because they get the majority of their nutrients from the air around them. They require very little upkeep and are perfect for the novice plant parent. You do not need to plant these beauties in soil and can they can therefore be displayed in very unique ways (i.e. in crystals, in prism wall holders or in seashells).

Adding these touches of green in our homes is a great way to help ward off the winter blues.


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