Owner Spotlight: Eileen Malette and Noella Stevens

By  Noella Stevens |   | Posted in " blinds, shutters, Window treatment "

Hi, I’m Eileen Malette, Store Manager, and I’m Noella Stevens, Drapery Manager, of Custom Draperies and Blinds in Pembroke, Ontario.

We look forward to sharing our story. We hope that you will enjoy getting to know us better.

The parts of our work which we find most enjoyable are: helping our customers choose from the many options available, and then seeing their smiling faces, when the project is complete.

We’re in business because we love helping people fall in love with their homes. We do this by introducing fresh, new colours and styles through various home fashions, and the perfect window coverings to suit their lifestyle and budget. We love designing unique applications which accentuate each client's unique personality.

We were both born and raised in Pembroke, Ontario. We are sisters and best friends. Even better, we have the good fortune to share the same passion; helping people decorate their homes with the best in: window fashions, home decor, furniture and bedding. We both attended the local French elementary school and later attended Champlain High. We continued our education through varied window treatment workshops and decorating courses.

We have been in the design, window treatment and decorating business for over 39 years. We have been in business for ourselves for the last 34 years.

We help customers choose the right look at the right price. We proudly offer free shop at home service. We provide professional installation for all our window treatments. We service what we sell. The major part of our day is spent helping customers with their choices, either at our showroom or in their homes. After helping customers, we order all the products and prepare the fabrication and installation specifications. Typically we work eight-and-a-half hours daily. We put in a whole lot more time when needed during busy periods of the year.

The most important decisions we face are making sure that our entire team is up-to-speed on each and every ongoing project. This ensures that we give our customers the best care and service.

Our top three skills in performing our jobs would have to be; firstly, listening to our customers priorities in order to offer the best solutions and products. Number two is having lots of heart and really caring about helping them with solutions which suit their needs. Our third advantage is our extensive product knowledge. We keep up with all the latest trends and newest features offered. We do this by attending many workshops and product showcases.

We attribute our success to our never-ending improvement; on both professional and personal levels. When you really care about your customers and are willing to put in all the effort required for great results every time; success will follow naturally.

In 2013, Eileen Malette received the Upper Ottawa Valley Chamber of Commerce Lifetime Business Achievement Award. This award recognizes Custom Draperies and Blinds as an industry leader with strong business and community values. Eileen and Noella are very proud of their dynamic team.

Our leadership styles have been influenced by many wonderful people who have shared their ideas and techniques. We have benefitted from the support of mentors, teachers and leaders; all willing to share the best of the best. We have been very fortunate and are very grateful.

Eileen and her husband Pete are partners with their daughter Tessa in providing quality furniture at affordable prices at Ashley Home Store Select in Pembroke. They all enjoy quality family time on weekends and whenever possible.

Noella and her husband John sell Kangen water machines which produce clean healthy water. They enjoy spending time with their children and grandchildren.

We support many local charities and local school fund raisers. We have two favourites. Our local child poverty action network, CPAN is at the top of the list. We contribute a significant amount of time and effort toward planning, organizing and setting up their major fundraiser, Festival of Trees. We also donate larger products for their many auctions. We are also very fond of the Robbie Dean Center, who provide free mental health care. We contribute to their many events, fund raising and auction initiatives.

Integrity and honesty are our most cherished personal values. Fairness for all would be up there too. We are loyal, dependable and committed. Our customers are our friends and neighbours. We want to offer them the best service and value possible.

We have enjoyed sharing our story about the things which matter to us and how they influence the way we do business.

If you, or someone you know in Pembroke or the Valley could benefit from our expertise in custom draperies and blinds, furniture, bedding and home decor, we invite you to get in touch.


Eileen and Noella